Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

It is very well known that, if a plane or ship passes through what is known as the Bermuda Triangle, then it may disappear without no trace. The area is located in between Puerto Rico, Bermuda, and Florida. The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle was born in 1965 when an author wrote for a magazine that there was a deadly triangle in which crazy phenomena had occurred. In fact, the mechanical instruments which have disappeared in the area have left no proof of even existing. These things just vanished. Thus, a lot of different theories regarding this human misery appeared over the time.

Some say that the malfunction of planes and ships is due to the high magnetic field in the area. Other people tend to think that there is a gate in which space and time do not work as we know it to work. And, of course, UFOS and abductions are amongst the multiple theories. 

A less known theory claims that there is a curse on the area. Doctor Kenneth, an English Psychiatrist says that in this area live the souls of all of the African slaves which had been thrown out of planes in their journey to America.