Magic School Bus Videos

<p>If you were a fan of the amazing children series, “Magic School Bus”, then you should really search on YouTube for <a href=””>magic school bus videos</a>. A new viral video has come out in which you will experience a lot of nostalgia for Ms. Frizzle and the whole gang. The video focuses on the following question: what if the educational adventures that the magic school bus gang experienced were real?
Even though the video was not made by The Scholastic Company (owner of the trademark for the magic school bus) but by a company named Moving Mind Studios, the video is as hilarious as it can be as it reunites the whole class for one more trip to the underworld. Their objective is to save Ms. Frizzle. The adventure is wild and mildly disturbing but totally worth watching.</p><p>So, if you are a former fan of the Magic School Bus, be sure to watch this video. It is guaranteed to make you laugh and remember the best moments from this series.  If you are not familiar with the show, it is about a school bus in which kids rid and experience magic adventures in which they learn about the planet earth and it”s functioning.</p><p>